Rommie Finder

Technologies Used:Node.js,EJS,SCSS,MongoDB,Grunt,BootStrap, Amazon S3

Rommie Finder is a web application completely built using Node.js and SASS.I am using MongoDB to store the user information and Bootstrap to enhance the appearance and to make it responsive for a mobile layout.The main aim of the design of the application is to keep in line with the current trends in industry and to to provide an easy navigatable user interface for the target users.

Home page

The usage of Bootstrap helped in reducing development time and provided responsive layout depending on the screen size.The user first sign up and completes his profile before posting or searching. This is done as it allows better refinement of results when the user is especially searching for a room or a sublet

Signup Dialog

Once the user signs up he is taken a profile page which provides multiple options for setting the user's preference and also helps him to view his posts that he has posted.

User Preferences

The Posts page provides a breif outline about the posts that the user has posted. It tells them information about the Post type, Listed price and its current status and the number of people who have favotited the posts.It also provied an option to view the full posts,edit it and to delete it.

List of User Posts

The edit posts page provides us to view all the images and to add and delete images ,update the post type,the post status, post location and the post description.

The about page lets user to set their profile pictures and to write a short bio about themselves which will help the persons who are searching for an apartment get to know some backgroud inforation about the lister.


The setting page allows users to edit their infotmation and to switch on or off whether email notification is needed when someone notifies the user showing their interest

Settings Page

The post images are stored in amazon s3 buckets. Each user is allocated a folder inside an bucket and the path to the folder is encrypted to avoid any malicious users from modifying the content

When the user clicks on create new Posts he gets two options He can either choose to sublet his room or look for a new roommate. The page asks for the location of the apartment and asks the user to upload the pictures of the apartment,Price and apartment type which will inform the onlooks whether its is 1 bedroom or a two bedroom apartment, questions such such whether pets and childresns are allowed and asked to describe the aparment. These answers will help in easy identification of potential roomate as I match it with the user preference that they would have set while creating their account.

Similarly when a person clicks on the button indicating i am looking for a roomate and an apartment I ask them a few simple questions such has the room/Apartent type he is looking for and the price range.

On clicking on search the user is provided with a list of potential matches with is provided based on his preferences and the questions he has answered previously. By this way I provide an excellent match for potential roommate

Clicking on the posts takes the user to the full post description page which provides information about the price roomtype,location, the date of post,description about the post and nearby locations.I am also providing a map for user to easily identify the location. For this purpose i am using Google Maps API. In adition to this I provide information about the lister, their email and contact. This will help the seeker to get in touch with the lister

In the description page one can find two buttons Add to favorites and notify user. The add to favorites button is used to make sure the post comes first when the user searches for similar post at a much later time. The notify user button opens up a nuw popup. The pop up asks for info about the user which is then send to the lister via an email if the lister has enabled email notification and the lister is also notified the next tie he visits his profile page

When the user clicks on send message an email is sent to the lister with the above information and also the lister get notified on the notification screen of his profile

Well thats all is needed to find your the roomate of your choice or an apartment of your choice.

Coming Soon:I am planning to provide a one to one chat to help the seeker to get in touch with with the lister easily.