MyAsthma MyPlan

Technologies Used: Node.js, JavaScript,HTML,CSS, MongoDB, DocumentDB,GridFS,Bootstrap

MyAsthma My Plan is a web application built using Node.js as backend and HTML,CSS. Bootstrap is used for enhancing the user experince. This application is one of its kind which helpls patients affected by asthma views the plans and medicines prescribed to them online instead of relying on their memory. This also allow patients to keep track of their history. This will especially help them if they are visiting several doctors as it will help doctors to know what medications the patients have taken in the past. The app uses MongoDB database to store the patiet information. This app was built by 2 more more personsa along with meSanket Dige and Paul Grindle.As the app is in alpha testing phase we are using Document DB to store the alpha tester information in order to main thir confidentiality. Eventually all the patient informations will also be moved to Document DB. I have made significan contribution to this app from designing several pages and handling backend codes for those.

Home page
Frequently Asked Questions

Users when they sign up recive an email asking them to verify their account. I have implement this feature using nodemailer module of NPM. It works by asking he administrator for the service which we are going to use to send the app and the credentials for it. Only upon verifying their emails, the user gets to use the app. The verification link generated contains a randomly generated key containing mixture of String and numerics.I am storing this key in the users database so that when the user clicks on the link I will check if the key in the link matches with the key in the database. The app also provides the user to signup with google authentication. This provides user an additional option to sign up instead of going through then normal flow. All the auther=ntication handling is done using Passport module.

Role Selection Page

Once the user signsup they are provided with 3 options to choose from . Health care role, Guardian and Community Health Worker. The patient Role has been disabled temporarily for testing purposes.Clicking on a role brings ubout a confirmation dialog. I have used Sweet Alert confirmation dialog at all places wherever required in the app.

Patient Selection Page

Next the user is asked to select the patient whose profile they wish to view.On selecting a patient hey come to the home screen

Patient Home Page

The home screen provides several buttons for the users to select from.Each button has its own functionality.

MyAsthma MyPlan

Patient Plan Page

The patient plan page consits of an image of the plan prescribed by the doctor. It has a button called view how to do my plan clicking on which brings about 4 more button.From a doctor view clicking on each button presents a doctor a list of pdf files to suggest to the patient which will help the patient to follow his plan. For example clciking on trigger selection menu bring about a popup which shows a list of triggers. The doctor can then choose from those triggers whatever is best for the patient

Trigger Selection Menu

The Preview Patient plan then specifies the list of plans that then doctor has chosen for a given patient

Create New Plan

Create new Plan

The create New Plan Button is available only for Health care role. It allows Health care professionals to upload a plan for the patient to follow. The plan images are stored in GridFS.

My Plan History

Plan History

The plan history page lists all the plans prescribed to the patient in the past.It specifies the plan number, plan date, the docotor who suggeted it and an option to view the plan. There is also an option provide to filter the plan by doctors so as to locate the plan easily.

Patient Logs

Patient Logs

The patient logs view is available only for the guardian role. It allows patients/ Guardians to fill in information about how they feel each day and whether they had any sort of trouble

Patient Timeline

Patient Timeline

The Logs recorded by the patient can be views by doctos in the patient timeline. The patient logs are stored in the patient database.

Patient Contacts

Patient Contacts

The patient contacts page lists all the patients associated with a given doctor, Guardian and community Healthworker.

Patient Profile

Patient Profile

The patient profile page provides contact information about the patient. Similary the normal profile page provides information about the user which is editable

This concludes the project. It has not reached the end.Still a lot of improvements are planned to be made and rolled out soon.